OnePlus 9RT to feature 600Hz touch sampling rate, custom cooling system

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We’ve already marked our calendars for October 13 when OnePlus will announce its 9RT model. The latest teasers from OnePlus detail the 9 RT’s touch sampling rate and cooling system.

OnePlus 9RT will feature a 600Hz touch sampling rate (image: Weibo)

OnePlus 9RT will feature a 600Hz touch sampling rate (image: Weibo)

OnePlus 9RT will be the maker’s first phone with a 600Hz touch sampling rate. According to OnePlus, the new optimizations have improved click delay by 57% and improved slide delay by 47%. The phone has been developed in collaboration with the OnePlus eSports team. The 9RT will still offer a 6.55 inch Samsung E4 panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.

In addition, OnePlus shared details of the RT’s reworked cooling system which features a five-layer structure that covers the largest area of a OnePlus device to date. This will be needed to keep the demanding Snapdragon 888 chipset in check.

OnePlus 9RT cooling system (image: Weibo)

OnePlus 9RT cooling system (image: Weibo)

The new cooling system features sheets of graphite and should offer 20% better heat dissipation efficiency compared to the outgoing OnePlus 9R. OnePlus also confirmed the phone will be available in black and silver colors and will offer 7GB virtual RAM.

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